Experts in Dispute Advisory Services and Forensic Engineering

DisPute Advisory Services

TECHNICAL: We offer world class litigation support and expert witness services. We count with over 50 experts worldwide, in specialist engineering fields such as: mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, piping/pipeline, process/chemical, civil/structural, materials, drilling, well control, geothermal, SURF, HVAC, and others. We also act as COORDINATING EXPERTS, i.e. coordinate various technical disciplines for the preparation of one or more unified reports.

COMMERCIAL: Forensic Delay and Disruption Analysis, cost estimation and quantum analysis. Our Experts have been appointed as delay and quantum experts in some of the most challenging construction disputes around the World. DAC Consultants have presented in many conferences about Delay Analysis methodologies, and continue to train forensic planners and construction engineers in this growing service line for our Company. Our Experts have been appointed in over 50 occasions, and have been cross examined in many High Court and International Arbitration cases.


DAC’s experts are assigned as independent technical experts and forensic engineers for insurers, loss adjusters, brokers, and lawyers, and Corporations when it comes to equipment failure, fires, contamination, and other perils. We assess the root cause of major and complex equipment failures, as well as the extent of damage, reinstatement options and timeline review for plants such as: refineries, power plants, offshore platforms, manufacturing plants, construction projects; and equipment such as: turbines, compressors, pumps, piping/pipelines, heat exchangers, vessels, tanks, generators, and many others.

We also provide scheduling expertise in order to support Insurers in accelerating repairs in order to mitigate Business Interruption (BI), ascertain the activities in the critical path of all reinstatement plans, and to help all stakeholders in understanding the Project status and perform a detailed delay analysis on relevant DSU claims in construction policies. This we call Forensic Scheduling.

Our experts have leading experience in onshore, offshore and midstream petrochemical projects, including design, installation, operation and maintenance of: offshore platforms, refineries, pipelines, terminals and petrochemical storage plants. We firmly believe in constant monitoring of the projects at any stage, thus assessing and foreseeing possible delays and costs incurred in case of any potential derailment.


Oil & Gas – Petrochemical

Our experts are industry leaders in onshore, offshore and midstream projects. From deep water exploration to diesel production, DAC’s experts can support our Clients in the assessment of engineering, procurement, construction and operation of various types of energy facilities, such as: offshore platforms, refineries, petrochemical plants, pipelines, terminals, and storage plants. Our collective experience in design, installation, operation, and maintenance on these unique type of facilities gives us the in-depth expertise required to provide solid technical opinions and provide a complete range of solutions for our clients in these sectors.

Our experts have assessed contracts, schedules, basic and detailed engineering, procurement, construction and the operation & maintenance of several plants worldwide. We can support our Clients in the independent assessment of problems during each of these stages, and provide sound and accurate opinion when projects derail, while quantifying delays and costs incurred.

Power Generation

Our experts have experience in all facets of power generation including the design, installation, operations, and maintenance of different types of plants worldwide. This includes fossil fuels, combined cycle power plants, transmission/distribution systems, and district heating type systems. Our experts have been involved in all stages of the bidding process, design, construction, procurement, installation, and operation of these plants, and especially critical equipment such as: turbines, generators, gearboxes, transformers, boilers, and many others.

Renewable Energy

Our experts have in depth expertise in Renewable Energy facilities such as solar panels, both CSR and PV, geothermal systems, wind energy equipment, hydroelectric plants, biofuel systems, and nuclear plants.  We can support our Clients in all the facets of these interesting projects, from feasibility studies to the assessment of damages in particular types of equipment, regardless of the location worldwide.

Whilst the renewable industry is very popular in common days, its technology keeps evolving every day, and our experts keep up to date by attending courses such as those imparted by the European Energy Centre (EEC).


Our experts have decades of experience in the construction of several infrastructure and energy plants around the world, providing our clients with in-depth expertise in capital projects from a commercial, technical, delay and quantum analysis perspective. We help our Clients in assessing the root cause of why projects derail, support them in Delay to Start up (DSU) claims, adjudication, arbitration and litigation support on technical, delay and quantum analysis. Our biggest differentiation with other companies in the market has always been the fact that the root of our core services is technical, so we understand not only schedules and costs, but also the engineering fundamentals in capital and complex projects.


Our experts have been involved in several types of manufacturing facilities, from mining to steel production. We provide technical analysis for the assessment of damages in critical equipment during the manufacturing process of different types of products, including logistics and consequential time an cost impacts. We support our Clients in assessing the best reinstatement options after different perils, such as fires, mechanical breakdown, floods, and many others.